Our social commitment

We have been aware of our responsibilities for the environment and for communities since the our story began in the 1970s. That is why we support a range of social and environmental projects around the world

YOGI® teas support a balance of mind and spirit through judicious blends of organic herbs and spices from all over the world. We work with some of our partners in different cultivation areas to promote sustainable projects that help to safeguard the environment and encourage the development of local people. We personally ensure this by regularly visiting the remote farming areas and by assisting and supporting the communities.

On top, we are particularly concerned for children in need and support various projects to give them shelter and prospects for a better future.

Nepal: the Kumari project

The Kumari project provides schelter and educational care for orphaned girls in Nepal.

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India: the Nevandra project

The Nevandra association provides initiatives focused on love, shelter, health and education for children in Hyderabad, India.

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Madagascar: Naturefund

The Naturefund organisation supports various re-forrestation projects across the world.

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Sri Lanka: the Medadumbara project

YTHEADER+MEDADUMBARA-LOGO_2848x2472_P07-bThe Medadumbara project enables scholarship to children from farming families in Sri Lanka.

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