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Yogi Bhajan

Delicious herbs blended into inspiring and rich tea recipes: This is the secret of YOGI®. For more than 40 years, the YOGI TEA Company has been dedicated to offering delicious herb and spice tea blends inspired by the ancient meditative practices of Ayurveda. Enjoying cups of this tea supports our inner spiritual peace and serenity. Enjoying YOGI® teas connects us with the ancient meditative practices of Ayurveda and yoga that extend back 3,000 years. This tranquil and conscious attitude towards life began to spread throughout the world in the late 1960s.

Yogi Bhajan – a master of Kundalini Yoga – introduced the philosophy of Ayurveda to the Western world in 1969. Yogi Bhajan shared his profound appreciation of herbs and spices with his fellow human beings and imparted to them the values of a holistic lifestyle that encourages people to live in a happy and conscious way. He always served a spicy aromatic tea after the classes, which his students affectionately named “the yogi’s tea” in his honour.