Green Matcha Energy

Wake up – life is calling! We can awaken our body and mind in a natural way with the invigorating caffeine of green tea: Sencha green tea and matcha that has been ground into the finest powder. These two stimulants boost our metabolism and give us new strength for the day. Rounded off wonderfully with a tangy hint of refreshing peppermint.
green tea*, peppermint*, liquorice*, green mate*, ginger*, dried lemon juice*, spearmint*, guarana*, anise*, matcha, cardamom*, fennel*, cocoa shells*
√ gluten free √ vegan √ lactose free

* Certified organic

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green tea

Green tea

Sencha, one of the types of green tea that we use, is also called the "royal variety of green tea". It unites the most positive traits of the green tea plant and has a fresh, distinctive taste.


First discovered in 1696 and presumably created through the coincidental hybridisation of the water mint and wild mint, peppermint is now one of the most familiar plants in the world. Peppermint is extremely popular throughout the world due to its refreshing aroma. It has a mild, pleasant pungency.
green mate

Green mate

The mate bush is also called "the green gold of the Indios". It grows in South America and belongs to genus of ilex. Green mate is used to describe the finest form of processing in which the smoky-earthy and fruity-sweet tasting harvest is fermented for about one month.


The guarana plant is primarily native to the Amazon region. The Indios say that it has the power of a high divine being within it. Like a vine, it grows up to 12 metres in height and belongs to the soapberry family. Its orange-red fruit tastes slightly bitter.


Whether in the Christmas biscuits, as a curry mixture or in lemonade: The bulbous ginger is among the best-known spice plants in the world. For thousands of years, it has been cultivated in the tropical heat of eastern Asia. It gives many of our YOGI TEA®s a fruity-hot and aromatically spicy taste.

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Green Matcha Energy

Brewing Suggestions

  • 250 ml 100°C
  • 5 Min
  • Enjoy